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Outdoor Street & Area LED Lighting

AlterLume™ is a Silicon Valley start-up offering high value solutions to the needs of the global outdoor street and area lighting market. AterLume TruFit™ LED lamps are a direct placement to HID mogul bulbs.

AlterLume designs and develops power solutions, lighting control systems, and innovative LED lighting designs, AlterLume’s patented light management technology enables cutting edge operational efficiencies and sustainability for LED lighting and other clean technology power system applications.

At a time of high energy costs and climate change, AlterLume’s Trufit™ lamps enable customers and communities a quicker way to CO₂ abatement goals and the economic benefits of LED lighting conversion.

" Just change the bulb ! "

For municipal, industrial and commercial lighting customers who want the highest value solutions, AlterLume’s Trufit LED lamp is a direct replacement for existing HID bulbs currently used in most street and outdoor area lighting fixtures.

The Trufit™ LED lamp provides higher efficiency, longer life, and lower total lifetime costs than its competitors. Unlike other conventional High-Intensity Discharge (HID) light bulbs, the TruFit LED lamp:

  • lasts up to 3X longer than HID bulbs
  • Is a self-ballasted lamp (integrated electronics) for ease of installation
  • Uses up to 80% less electricity for faster return on investment (ROI) and future energy cost savings

Customers installing Trufit lamps will see faster energy savings and avoid the pain associated with full head replacement or other retrofit LED lighting solutions currently on the market. The company’s motto, “Just change the bulb!” says it all. The Trufit lamp is ideally suited for municipal legacy infrastructure and the existing installed base of street and outdoor area lighting fixtures currently in use throughout the world.

We invite you to explore the company’s product line and energy savings calculator to estimate your project’s savings and total cost of ownership.

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