Installation Instructions

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The AlterLume TruFit LED electronic lamp should be installed in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC) and local regulations.

Important: Power must be turned off to the light fixture prior to installation and during maintenance.



Important: Install only so that lamp is horizontal to the ground.

Installation and service must be performed by qualified personnel. Customer is responsible for hiring and training qualified personnel for safe and proper installation of AlterLume LED electronic lamps.

AlterLume expressly disclaims and customer assumes any liability for injuries or damages caused during installation due to unqualified installation personnel, failure to heed instructions or warnings provided herein, or other improper or unsafe installation of AlterLume products.

Installation of the AlterLume TruFit LED electronic lamp confirms that customer, customer’s agent, or installer, has read and accepts AlterLume’s Terms & Conditions.

Prior to installation, the customer, customer’s agent,and/or installer must read the AlterLume product specification, perform a thorough inspection of the existing light fixture, and make the determination that the AlterLume LED electronic lamp can safely be installed in the light fixture.

The existing light fixture should be inspected in accordance with best practices for commercial, industrial and municipal lighting for any physical impairment, such as loose connections, cracks, rust, significant wear or deterioration, or any indication that the fixture is not adequately safe to install the AlterLume LED electronic lamp prior to installation. If any problems are found, then the AlterLume LED electronic lamp should not be installed and the light fixture should be serviced or repaired according to original manufacturer prior to installation of the AlterLume Led electronic lamp.

In the event the customer cannot safely install AlterLume’s LED electronic lamp without deviating from these instructions, customer should contact AlterLume to find a mutually agreeable solution.

Deviation from these instructions may void the limited warranty.


The AlterLume TruFit LED Lamp is specified for use in existing commercial, industrial and municipal light fixtures for street, highway, area, flood and parking lot lighting applications as per AlterLume’s specification sheet. Use a bucket truck or other authorized lifting equipment to reach the light fixture.

Important: Power must be turned off to the light fixture prior to installation and during maintenance.

Installation Procedure:

1. Open door of existing light fixture housing.
Sample Installation

Figure 1. Typical Roadway Light Housing

  • 2. Remove existing bulb by rotating counterclockwise and out of the socket.
  • 3. Bypass the existing ballast and/or starter. The existing high pressure sodium lamp ballast is no longer needed with the AlterLume TruFit LED lamps, but it can be left in place. If the existing ballast is not bypassed, it will reduce the overall efficiency compared to an installation without the ballast installed and WILL VOID the warranty. The ballast and/or starter can be left in place, or it can be removed at the customer’s discretion.
  • 4. Connect power direct to lamp socket.
  • 5. Position the TruFitlampE39 base into the receiving socket of the light fixture. (See Figure 2)
  • 6. Rotate TruFit lamp clockwise into the socket. A mechanism in the E39 base will keep the base rotating with the rest of the assembly.
E39 Trufit Lamp

Figure 2. AlterLume TruFit Lamp

  • 7. Continue rotating the TruFit lamp until the E39 base is fully seated in the socket.

To ensure optimal photometric performance make sure LEDs are facing in the desired position, usually parallel with the ground. Rotate the LED lamp in either direction until the LEDs face the desired direction. Use included lamp leveling accessories, if needed, to support horizontal position.

  • 8. Clean light fixture lens cover for optimal photometric performance.
  • 9. Close and secure shut door of light fixture.
  • 10. Restore power to the light fixture.
  • 11. Recycle or dispose of existing bulb and/ or ballast in accordance with all customer and legal requirements.

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