Our motto, “Just Change the Bulb” best describes our solution. Our customers use their existing infrastructure, such as cobra-head, shoebox and wall pack fixtures and, with a quick and easy installation, gain all the advantages and cost-savings of today`s LED lighting technology.

Trufit™ products are designed for energy efficiency, ease of deployment, longer life, and lower total cost of ownership to its customers.

  • AlterLume's patented Power Factor Correction chip allows us to shrink our electronic footprint to fit into a bulb-size package.
  • TruFit™ AlterLume Lamps are direct screw-in replacements for today`s most popular HID lamps and fit into existing mogul-based fixtures.
  • As a self-ballasted lamp, we are able to gain added energy savings over other solutions.
  • Installation is quick and easy and can be completed in10 minutes or less. This further reduces the overall upfront capital cost, improving ROI.
  • TruFit™ is now available in 80W and 55W versions. This will allow customers to replace up to 400W HID bulbs.


Looking forward, AlterLume is already working on the future. New features, which will add capability and further efficiencies to our products, will be coming soon.

SmartFit - We will be building in wireless communication capability into each lamp to allow the user to control each light and light string, including remote on/off and dimming control to enhance savings. We will also incorporate bi-directional communication to interface with today`s emerging Smart Cities technology, Vertical TruFit- For use in fixtures with vertically positioned mogul bases for outdoor and indoor applications.

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Elks Lot with TruFit Lamp Elks Lodge, San Jose, CA.
Lot TruFit™ Lamp in Foreground