September 16, 2016- AlterLume Announces Investment Agreement With Suba Energy

AlterLume is announcing the completion of a key Investment Agreement with Suba Energy, a subsidiary of Suba Technologies. The agreement, valued at over $1.5 million, will provide AlterLume with working capital, inventory, and other in-kind considerations in return for an equity position in AlterLume Inc.

"We know the AL team and their product. We wanted to participate on the final development of their product and the subsequent roll out in the market. They are well positioned for success", said Rick Suba, CEO of Suba Energy.

In addition to the resources added, Suba brings a complementary expertise in manufacturing and engineering to bolster the AlterLume team.

May 10, 2017- AlterLume Announces UL Certification Product Approvals

AlterLume announced that their flagship TruFit 80 and 55 Watt LED lamps have been granted UL (United Laboratories) approvals. The products, after rigorous testing and validation, completed all product safety and compliance requirements needed to gain these key certifications.

"This is a huge step for our company", said Randy Granado, CEO of AlterLume. "With this validation, we are now ramping up production to address an underserved need in today`s market."

These certifications are prerequisites to sell into all markets in the US and many foreign markets as well.

July 6, 2017- AlterLume Announces DLC Product Listing and Rebate Qualification

AlterLume announced that DLC (Design Light Consortium) has listed their 80 and 55 Watt Lamps on the roster of approved Retrofit LED lamps. This listing qualifies AlterLume`s products for most LED Rebate Programs.

"The DLC listing will allow our customers to participate in the rebate programs being used to promote energy efficiency from the use of LED`s.", said Keith Schwartz, CFO of AlterLume. “It will also improve our already high ROI proposition for those investing in our lamps for their lighting needs.